Profiling the Nigerian Cultural

December 6, 2017 | Comment

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab by his misguided and awful attempt to blow up an airline on Xmas Day in the United States thrust all 140 million Nigerians into the international phase for examination once more for other socially undesirable practices. That Nigeria has a negative image on the international scene is no longer information. Prior to him, the 419 rip-off generation had actually been successful in earning us the scandalous tag of the Scam Mecca of the globe. Then there is our unfavorable political advancement that has actually entrenched corruption and negative governance as associated with Nigeria. Unwell display of ill-gotten wealth by military tyrants and supposedly autonomous political leaders further confirmed us as a country of doubtful worths. Throw in the Niger Delta militancy, incessant spiritual dilemma and gross bribery scandals spanning 3 continents and some mega corporations and you might securely wrap up that the Nigerian nation is a safe harbor for all anti- social practices.

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Surprisingly nevertheless, such a conclusion cannot be further from the reality. In spite of the seemingly countless list of criminal and anti-social features of Nigerians, one of the most definable characteristics of a Nigerian is an enthusiastic love forever. This characteristic transcends ethnic, religious and social separates and could safely be assumed to be written in the Nigerian DNA. Naturally, a Nigerian abhors fatality since our social positioning provides death as a loss of fates. If a Nigerian dies at less compared to 70 years old, it is a family and common tragedy. Young fatalities are thought to be unforeseen and therefore a stigma that could affect the condition of such a family members as various other families stays clear of any relational interaction with the one who sheds its participants untimely. The Nigerian by nature does not dedicate suicide. Self-destructive tendencies are quickly ended to be demonic or extraterrestrial impacts on such persons. Suicide is not an emotional imbalance to the Nigerian society. It is a hellish fascism which is dealt with by petitions and other spiritual antidotes.

Anxiety is not a frame of mind in the Nigerian context Breaking News. It is a spiritual strike that only God can overcome; not anti-depressants. A Nigerian who attempts or dedicates self-destruction stigmatizes his household and generations forever. Nigerians do not wed right into family members with a suicide or psychological clinical depression instance as it is assumed that the propensity can be hereditary. That is why, as the world aims to unravel the Farouk Abdulmutallab sensation, it would do well to search for his objective in every little thing else but his Nigerian lineage. It just did not come from there since it does not exist there. It would certainly additionally be an error to profile the Nigerian along terrorist parameters as it would be a sad wild-goose chase and resources as the Nigerian lacks the moral fiber to hold ideological or faiths at the expense of his life. Simply put, the Nigerian can cause others damage as long as it does not affect himself or his family members yet to explode a plane with him as one of the victims is most definitely not Nigerian.