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World cup 2018 – History of traveling and host conflicts

With a 3 week boat trip necessary to travel between Europe and South America both of whose countries were critical to the rivalry since both happened to be regarded as the most powerful football continents the contest’s place seemed a significant issue every four decades. Holding the first world cup in Uruguay had intended just four European teams would compete. When the time arrived for the next world cup, in 1934, it was the South American teams which were reluctant to travel the far distance abroad to Europe, where the contest was held in Italy. Annoyed by the minimum response from the European nations to partake in the first we as it was hosted on the opposite end of the Atlantic and also limited from the financial burdens of the global depression happening throughout the period American countries Argentina and Uruguay chosen to boycott this year’s championship, which was won again by the year’s host nation this time Italy.

world cup 2018

The same controversy was the situation for the next championship, in 1938, held in France; very few South American teams made an appearance. Additionally, the use withdrew from a reluctance to demonstrate some participation in the midst of tensions brewing on the verge of war in Europe. Again, Italy won, regardless of distractions from the hostile protests and anti-fascist demonstrations they confronted at every turn of this tournament. The following two competitions, in 1942 and 1946, were not held because of a twelve year hiatus for the world cup because of World War II. During the wartime hiatus, FIFA maintained its web trophy hidden beneath an abysmal official’s bed, in a shoebox for safekeeping out of Nazi soldiers that they feared might confiscate it if found.

In 1946, for the first time since withdrawing from FIFA in 1920, Britain accepted FIFA’s invitation to compete in the 1950 we in brazil whose place was chosen because south American had become the area least affected by world war ii – which makes it the first we to occur including British participants. This was the first time that the inaugural champions of Uruguay engaged in the kualifikasi piala dunia 2018 because the very first in 1930. Upon Uruguay’s return, they were victorious, beating Brazil in 1950 and obtaining the name of us champions. The following championship, in 1954, was the world cup’s first televised tournament. West Germany won the championship in Switzerland after having been excluded one of the invitations to the last tournament, which was the first after World War II.

To avoid additional controversies, conflicts, or boycotts, starting with the 1958 us and lasting through the 1998 world cup, FIFA developed the routine of alternating hosts every four years between American countries and European nations. In 2002, we were held in Asia for the first time in the history of this tournament, hosted jointly by Japan and South Korea. In 2018, South Africa was the first African country to host the world cup.

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